Make advertising on Instagram, for small and large businesses, wherever you are.

It is now possible for large and small businesses in the Netherlands and Belgium to deploy advertising campaigns on Instagram, self service. With the best technology of Facebook in terms of infrastructure relating to advertising, it is now possible for advertisers to reach an audience on Instagram in a more targeted manner, taking into account their interests and preferences - whether About fashion, sports, cars, or food. Advertisers also have access to new forms of advertising to help them achieve different objectives - and the public can learn more about a topic of interest, or even purchase a product directly on Instagram.

Different sized companies have already been testing the new opportunities, with positive results. We see strong demand from sectors such as e-commerce, travel, entertainment, and retail. We are pleased to observe that the marks reached in the coming months using Instagram creatively.  

Atteinte des objectifs commerciaux

The public goes on Instagram in search of visual inspiration. Advertisements on Instagram have the power to reach the public, to inspire, and excite. There is evidence that advertising on Instagram propels the results up - 97% of the measured Instagram campaigns have seen a significant growth in advertising recall.

Partenaires de campagne

In the Netherlands, Facebook and Instagram are collaborating with various campaign partners: Heineken, Unilever (Mindshare), Toyota (Havas) and Tommy Hilfiger (Pervorm). Hellman's, Unilever collaborates with Mindshare Netherlands.

« Notre marque est déjà présente sur de nombreuses tables autour du monde, mais Hellman's est encore relativement récent aux Pays-Bas. Nous voyons Instagram comme une plateforme visuelle forte sur laquelle nous pouvons offrir un podium attirant à Hellmann's. », déclare Harry Dekker, Media Director Unilever Brands, à propos de leur présence sur Instagram. 

Aux USA, KLM a été l'un des premiers à tester Instagram. Avec du matériel visuel spécialement développé, l'entreprise d'aviation faisait voyager le public vers les plus belles destinations.

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Various campaigns were already very successful in other countries. Thus the Gilt Groupe has implemented Instagram to attract new customers. They used it for a campaign whereby an increase of 85% was observed Applications downloaded.

Advertisements furniture seller resulted in an Increase in turnover of 10% Compared to the reference point and a campaign game developer Kabam HAS Attracted new players, in addition Who Played Furthermore, and made more purchases Single Single.  The North Face  HAS used iconic visual material in order to give more notoriety to a number of speakers on the theme "believe in the impossible." 

Doing more with Instagram

Around the world Thousands of companies use Instagram as a digital display, and we now Realize Their job Easier To undertake the Broadly platform more in various fields, ranging from advertising with the "brand awareness" as the goal, to "live response ". There are few, also added Instagram That The Following options are available Directly here. 

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  • Les photos et vidéos au format paysage offrent plus de possibilités créatives et offrent aux publicités un aspect plus cinématographique.
  • Grâce à des publicités vidéo de 30 secondes, les marques peuvent mettre en œuvre un storytelling plus riche.
  • Les publicités peuvent être gérées et mesurées avec des outils et des dispositifs d’aide, et les meilleurs résultats peuvent être atteints avec des campagnes Facebook et Instagram

Nous sommes heureux de faciliter la tâche aux entreprises pour atteindre leur public sur Instagram à l'aide de publicités adaptées. Nous travaillons constamment aux systèmes de feedback au sein même d'Instagram pour offrir plus de contrôle aux personnes, et pour améliorer la pertinence des publicités qui leurs sont présentées.   

Note pour la rédaction

Pour obtenir plus d'informations, vous pouvez prendre contact avec Tineke Meijerman, Head of Communications, Facebook Benelux au +31 6 27 627 371 ou via 

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